Carlos Marble Dining Table 115cm Black Ash Wood
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Mario Cellini Original

Carlos Marble Dining Table 115cm Black Ash Wood

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Mid June 2024

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Dine in luxury and style with the Carlos Marble Dining Table! Its sturdy construction and generous size make it ideal for hosting memorable dinners and special occasions. Indulge in elegance and create lasting memories with this sophisticated piece.

  • Marble top with Black ash wood Legs
  • Note: Protect your marble table with placemats and coasters. Quickly clean up spills with water or mild cleaner to prevent staining. Consider using a marble seal and protector for added protection.

Note: Due to natural marble variations, the product may differ slightly from the pictured item.We cannot guarantee a specific tone or pattern, and variations are expected compared to photographic representations.

Length: 115 cm
Height: 79 cm
Width: 115 cm