The Dos and Don'ts of Rug Placement

The Dos and Don'ts of Rug Placement

Are you looking to give your home a makeover but don't know where to start? The right rug placement can make all the difference in transforming a room and making it look like a million bucks. Whether you plan on adding some new area rugs or using one large statement piece, we will provide you with helpful tips on selecting the best place for your rug to ensure that it stands out without overwhelming its surroundings. Read on for practical dos and don'ts of rug placement!


DO spend time figuring out the right size for your rug

When it comes to selecting the perfect rug size for your space, you don't want to take this decision lightly. A rug that's too small or too large will take away from the beauty of a room, not add to it. Properly sizing your rug will anchor furniture pieces and make your space appear more unified, giving it an inviting atmosphere.

To find the perfect size, measure the area you wish to cover and then subtract one foot on each side of the measurements. This approach ensures that all of the furniture is completely on top of the rug and there won't be any empty spots. Choosing the right-sized rug requires a bit of effort but it will ultimately transform your room into one where friends and family can gather comfortably.


DO place your rug in high-traffic areas

Placing a rug in high-traffic areas may seem counterintuitive, but it can really transform any home space. Strategically placing a rug in an area that is frequently used will add both texture and pattern to the environment, creating one perfect backdrop for the room. Not only does this help the aesthetics of your home, but it also serves as both a decor item and a practical safeguard. 

Walking patterns reduce wear and tear on both the flooring and your feet; strategically placed rugs are sure to provide both warmth and comfort while reducing fatigue after long hours of standing or moving around. Adding decorative rugs to your space is an easy way to instantly update any interior!


DON'T place your rug in high-spill or accident zones

When it comes to finding the perfect rug for your home, it can be easy to forget one important factor - where should you place your rug? To get the most longevity out of your rug, don't make the mistake of placing it somewhere like high-spill zones. This could include near the kitchen sink, in front of a hallway closet where family members may drip wet umbrellas on it, or even in a pet's favourite play area. By placing your rug away from trouble spots, you'll take good care of it and ensure many years of enjoyment.


DON'T overwhelm your space with a rug 

When picking out decor for your home, consider if it will be too overwhelming for the space. For instance, adding a rug to an already busy room may amplify the chaos and make it difficult to appreciate any of the individual pieces. 

Instead of adding a rug, strive to maintain order by further emphasising a single focal point, such as making sure all pieces of your living room furniture are pointing towards one centre point that commands attention. This will create harmony between all elements in the space and provide it with a refined and inviting atmosphere.


Make a style statement with well-placed rugs for your home!

In conclusion, rugs are an amazing way to add texture and colour to any room. Adding a rug is a great way to instantly update a space while also providing practical usage in areas of high-traffic or heavy furniture movement. However, it's important to remember not to overwhelm the room by placing too many rugs or choosing one that’s too large. Additionally, be mindful of where you place your rug and try to keep it away from high-spill or accident zones. With a little bit of effort and the right knowledge, selecting the perfect rug for your space can help transform any room into one that is both inviting and beautiful.

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