How to arrange furniture in a living room-dining room combo

How to arrange furniture in a living room-dining room combo

Are you struggling to figure out how to arrange furniture in your living room-dining room combo? You're not alone! A lot of people have trouble with this tricky space. To make this journey an easier and more enjoyable one, we've outlined some of our favourite tips for arranging furniture in a living room-dining room combo.   

Read on and find out how you can create a stylish and functional space! 


Use furniture of similar heights to create a seamless look 

One of the most challenging design challenges is how to best furnish and decorate a living room-dining room combo. Achieving a seamless look can be difficult, as the two spaces need to serve different functions.  

However, one way to create a cohesive look is to use furniture of similar heights. By using tables, chairs, and shelves that are all the same height, you can create a visually appealing and functional space. In addition, using furniture of similar heights will help to create the illusion of more space.  

Stick to a complementary but different colour scheme 

When it comes to furnishing a living room-dining room combo, it's important to choose a colour scheme that is both complementary and different. For example, you might pair light-coloured furniture with dark-coloured walls, or vice versa.  

By contrast, using two similar colours (such as two shades of blue) can create a unified look that is both stylish and inviting. Whatever colours you choose, be sure to mix and match different pieces of living room and dining room furniture to create an interesting and cohesive space. 


Section your spaces better with the right furnishings 

Most homes have a living room and a dining room, but these two rooms are often one big, open space. If you want to create a more intimate and cosy feeling in your home, you can section off your living room and dining room with rugs and other accessories.  

Rugs are a great way to define a space and add colour and personality to a room. You can use smaller rugs to create delineated spaces within a larger room, or you can use a large rug to completely define a space. In addition to rugs, you can also use furniture and other accessories to create distinct living and dining areas.   

Placing a couch or coffee table in the middle of a room can also create a natural boundary between the two spaces. And finally, adding some art or greenery can also help to give each space its own distinct look and feel. 


Opt for smaller pieces of furniture 

When it comes to furnishing a living room-dining room combo, many people make the mistake of choosing bulky, over-sized pieces that can make the space feel cramped and cluttered. Instead, opt for smaller pieces of dining room and living room furniture that can help to create a more open and airy feeling. A smaller sofa or armchair is a great choice for the living room portion of the combo, and a compact dining table and chairs can work well in the dining room area.  

By choosing smaller pieces of furniture, you can help to make your living room-dining room combo feel more spacious and inviting. 


Create a cohesive living and dining room space with just your furniture! 

There are many different tips and tricks that you can use when furnishing a living room-dining room combo. Whether you choose to stick to a complementary colour scheme or section off the space with rugs and other accessories, there are lots of great ways to create an attractive and functional space.  

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