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Eames CTW Wood Coffee Table Replica Light Oak

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This replica Charles Eames table from 1946 is made distinctive by its light weight plywood legs which are moulded to form an elegant and graceful sweeping curve to support the matching plywood top. This occassional table also features a moulded edge on the table top to create the appearance of an indented surface. The seamless beauty of this piece is in its classic sophistication and functionality, perfect for both residential and commercial spaces.

  • Plywood with a light oak finish
  • Features four legs, round table top and raised edges

This item is a Eames replica, it is not the original Eames item and it is not manufactured by Eames. Glicks Furniture is not at all associated with Eames designers and or original Eames manufacturers



Length: 87 cm
Depth: 87 cm
Height: 40 cm

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